Editor’s Note. Our new intern, Carlos Alberto Rendon Alvarado, hails from San Pedro Sula, Honduras and brings a passion for agriculture, specifically Brahman cattle, to the Ranch. We’re proud and eager to welcome here to our team. Young people interested in agriculture, especially cattle, and especially Brahman cattle – well, these are our passion!  Welcome, Carlos!

Brahman Cattle Intern - Carlos

Carlos Alberto Rendon Alvarado

My name is Carlos Alberto Rendon Alvarado. I was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras in 1996. I currently live in Cucuyagua Copan, Honduras. My parents are Alejandro Rendon and Rubenia Alvarado. I am studying Agronomic Engineering at Zamorano University. I consider myself a hardworking, honest and positive person. I grew up in the country and ever since I was little, I have surrounded myself with agriculture. I am very interested in learning about the Brahman cattle industry, especially with respect to “best practices” in terms of breeding Brahman bulls. Moreno Ranches is famous for having superior Brahman cattle genetic products, so the synergy between technology and agriculture is very interesting to me. My family has taught me the value of work and the sacrifice that must be done day by day to achieve success. My passion for livestock started at a very young age.  Since I was eight year old, my cousin and I I performed the farm tasks that were assigned to us each.   This early experience has impacted me, as I hope one day to have my own cattle ranch.   I have the opportunity to do my professional practice at Moreno Ranches, one of the best Brahman Cattle ranches in the United States and the world, where I intend to acquire technical knowledge and experience based on the technology, techniques, and professional practice in use at the ranch.