Editor’s Note. We’re proud of our interns here at Moreno Ranches; accordingly, we’ll be featuring a few blog posts written by our interns, young enthusiasts for the Brahman breed!

At Moreno Ranches you will find the best American Brahman cattle of the highest quality and with superior characteristics.

Gray Brahman CattleMoreno Ranches offers you a great variety of American Brahman cattle for sale, whether you want it gray or red. American brahman cattle is known for its ability to tolerate ticks, flies, mosquitoes and other insects, or diseases such as tick fever. Brahman cattle are also proven best to adapt to drought conditions and to pastures that are of low quality. You can also find great bull champions, selected with a rigorous process to ensure superior genetics, as well as Brahman semen (seed stock) and Brahman embryos. With these cattle you will be confident that your investment is a sound one.

Years in the Making: a Great Supplier of Brahman Cattle

Moreno Ranches has been 196 years in the making and is six generations strong. We are passionate about excellence and recognize the value of a firm handshake, reliable word of mouth, and honest customer relations.

Moreno ranches guarantees the American Brahman cattle bloodline is precisely known with its M-Check verification stamp, which guarantees the quality of our American Brahman cattle for sale. At Moreno Ranches we give you a rigorous procedure, focused on having a very docile and easy-to-handle animal, as demonstrated again and again by Moreno Ranches’ established winning record at state and national shows.