Moreno Ranches has plenty of Brahman cattle for sale, which would behoove you to consider purchasing, as their heat-tolerance would serve you well in a warming climate. That business with the world warming has been the subject of a lot of controversy and argumentation, but is best considered by breaking it down into two questions. First the easy question: Is it getting warmer? It is really no secret that the climate is getting warmer.

Brahman Cattle for Sale

If you don’t believe that, then maybe offer to pay my air-conditioning bills… Then the hard question: Why is it getting warmer?. Well, “dammit Jim”, I’m a rancher not a climatologist. The point is ranchers need to do what ranchers always do, and that is “deal with it.”

Here’s a handy list of the advantages of our Brahman cattle for sale for a “warmer world.” First, the breed is derived from stock originally from India, a notably hot place. These ancestral cattle have been selected for untold generations to be heat-tolerant (among their many other fine attributes, such as insect and disease resistance). Some of the specific adaptations are: their long ears and their loose skin. Both of these traits help them shed heat faster than other breeds. So we feel completely confident recommending Brahman cattle for sale, no matter what the future holds.

Brahman Cattle For Sale: Any Color You Like (If You Like Red and Gray)

The heat stress on cattle comes in two ways: the higher highs, and the higher lows. Everyone is aware of the first case. The second in more pernicious, as the effects are not quite so easy to see. When it is always a little warmer, and never cools down like it used to, then the stock never gets a chance to recoup their heat-induced losses. Our Brahman cattle for sale do better in both cases, with adaptations
Mentioned above coming into play.

If this sounds like a good way of hedging against whatever climate future plays out, then visit our Web site, or even our ranch, to check out the many fine red and gray Brahman cattle for sale.

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