American Brahman cattle are characterized by a hump on their back and by their long, soft ears. The most common colors are white, gray and red. You can find the best American Brahman cattle at Moreno Ranches. Brahman cattleAmerican Brahman cattle are large in size, with a broad head, straight profile, narrow eyes, short ears; and the neck is short and thick with developed jowls. American Brahman cattle have good limbs and hooves, and walk with great ease. Their skin is quite thin and the yields of their canals are high. American Brahman cattle are a breed that has a remarkable capacity for adaptation and survival.

A Tough Breed for Tough Climates

American Brahman cattle can be fed with inadequate pastures and are very resistant to insect pests, parasites and diseases. American Brahman cattle are a breed that is not so affected by ticks, flies, mosquitoes or diseases. They can perform well in climates with high temperatures.

American Brahman females have a high maternal instinct, protecting their offspring against natural enemies and raising calves in excellent condition. American Brahman cattle are able to walk in search of water and survive with low quality fodder. Their growth and muscle development is very fast, resulting in higher weights.  That is why American Brahman cattle are a success. American Brahman cattle have rapid growth, early termination, ideal conformation, sexual precocity, abundant muscles, regular parturition and, above all, meekness.