People often mistakenly assume that agriculture is not an advanced industry; especially, people who live in cities and have no experience with farming or agriculture. Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth. We here at Moreno Ranches pride ourselves not only in our passion for agriculture but in our commitment to technology. Our superior genetics, of course, is proof-positive of the ingenuity of the human race when it comes to Brahman cattle breeding. What looks like traditional agriculture, is actually as high-tech as anything out in Silicon Valley, California!Brahman Cattle

The media, too, is going (or has already gone) digital. Today’s Brahman Juniors are avid consumers of digital content, whether on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Even Instagram is a social media that can be used to follow the Brahman cattle industry and just learn more about agriculture in general.

Moreno Ranches on Social Media: Leading the Brahman Cattle Industry into the Future!

Our own social media platforms are as follows. First and foremost, you can follow us on Facebook where we have over 100,000 followers of our Facebook page at We try to post regularly, and we do our best to post innovative photos and videos that showcase our Brahman cattle. We’re also keen to have the participation of our audience, and so we encourage comments and questions on our Facebook page. Instagram (owned by Facebook) is now a extremely popular as well. We have over 14,000 followers on our Instagram page, Given the photo-centric nature of that social media, we try to post quality photos there. Follow us on either Facebook or Instagram, or both, especially if you are into photo content!