We recently alerted you to the formation of a new organization for supporters of Brahman Juniors in the Brahman cattle breeding community: Florida Youth Brahman Boosters Association (or Brahman Juniors: New FYBBA OrganizationFYBBA). Moreno Ranches, as a supporter of youth and education in our industry, naturally took a keen interest in this group’s mission.  We already support allied organizations such as AJBA and FJBA, and it’s easy to see how these can work together. The Brahman enthusiasts of FYBBA will actively support the youth Brahman exhibitors in their activities, and complement their efforts in promoting the Brahman breed.

FYBBA Objectives: Supporting the Brahman Youth Experience

Some specific objectives that have been put forth:

· Support Florida Junior Brahman activities

· Provide scholarships to juniors

· Provide funding for junior Brahman shows

· Provide financial assistance for junior Brahman exhibitors to attend shows

· Support junior Brahman sponsored shows and events with awards and premiums

Much more is possible, and we will bring you the news as it develops.  You can always check in here for the latest: https://morenoranches.wpengine.com/

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