Here at Moreno Ranches, nothing is more important to us than the value of purebred Brahman genetics.   Building on this foundation of superior genetics, we are embarking on a program of expanding our breeding herd of polled Brahman cattle, with the goal of being able to market them more widely.

What Makes Polled Brahman Cattle Desirable?

At this time polled Brahman cattle are relatively scarce. They account for less than 2% of the registered Brahman cattle in the country.  Changing this situatPolled Brahman Cattleion has two main benefits. First, since polled cattle do not grow horns (they never develop), there is no need for cattlemen to de-horn their calves, saving labor, and that means money.  Second, docility is a genetically linked trait, so you are simultaneously selecting for an animal that is easier to manage.

Polled Brahman Cattle: Preserving Superior Genetics

In keeping with the existing traditions that Moreno Ranches has developed over the years, we want to be the preferred source for all lovers of registered Brahman cattle, including a new herd of polled Brahman cattle. Our long running operation is secure with a foundation of only the most predictable and prominent cow families that their resources and time can locate. The most important goal is that our customers are successful in the marketplace, and that is unchanged with our emerging lineage of polled Brahman cattle. Our breeding program is based on many years of selecting for performance, bone and structural correctness, and we will not lose sight of these previous virtues while developing new ones. You can find out more about our operations by visiting:

Polled Brahman Cattle For Sale

Moreno Ranches is excited to announce the first polled Brahman heifer ever to be sold at auction by their long established program.  Moreno Ms. Polled Paulet 382 will highlight the Denim & Diamonds Sale in Houston, Texas on March 5, 2015.  This polled heifer is sired by JADL Rey Te 110, the Mexican imported son of JDH De Manso 737/4 and is the leading sire being used worldwide and in the states by RB Ranch and V8 Ranch.  Her dam is one of the few polled foundation females that secures the foundation at Moreno Ranches.  One can certainly admire the maternal look found within this female, coupled with the amount of pounds and added mass that she has to offer.  To learn more about this promising polled female, visit our sale page

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