Brahman Bulls have many characteristics that make them desirable as a herd sire prospect. To begin with, Brahman Bulls respond very quickly to the handling they receive, which makes their disposition very calm and docile when trained properly. Brahman bulls have a very important peculiarity which is their heat tolerance. They can flourish equally as well as European cattle in temperatures varying from 8°F to 75°F and perform even better than European cattle in temperatures above 75 °F. Brahman Bulls have a hair coat like no other. It is short, thick, and glossy, aiding the reflection of the sun’s rays and granting the ability to graze pastures in the midday heat with no problem.Brahman Bulls

Sun-resistant, Brahman Cattle are Made to “Beat the Heat”

Brahman bulls also have a black skin pigmentation that aids in blocking the intense sun rays that tend to damage skin tissue layers. The amount of loose skin on Brahman bulls contributes to an increased body surface area during very warm weather and allows the sire to stay cool. Brahman bulls have a very distinct characteristic which is their ability to sweat. Most cattle breeds do not possess this ability to tolerate heat and in return produce more internal heat in warm climates.