At Moreno Ranches we understand that purebred genetics have an incredible value in today’s cattle business. We emphasize performance, soundness, fertility, and beef production in our Brahman cattle for sale. Most folks come to Moreno Ranches for a chance to obtain some of our best M-check certified Brahman cattle for sale because they know what excellent show cattle they make as well as how docile the breed is when trained properly. Here is information on the M-check program. Cattle in the program will have their DNA tested to determine precisely their parentage. What does the verification stamp mean for buyers of Moreno Ranches Brahman cattle for sale? The program is a guarantee that the bloodline of the animal is exactly known. Moreno Ranches has always attempted to stay at the forefront of technology, and seeing that this particular innovation could be useful to our customers, it was decided to move it from an in-house tool to a public mark of quality assurance. It plays off the historic concept of the cattle ‘brand’ and this brings a 21st century spin to the idea. It highlights the notion that the genetics of the cattle is where the ultimate value of a ranch’s stock resides. The M Check stamp is a sign that Moreno Ranches stands 100% behind the integrity of our Brahman cattle’s quality genetics.Brahman Cattle

The new M Check verification stamp stands for parent verification of the cattle raised by Moreno Ranches through the latest DNA testing technology. Additionally, it serves as verification of the animal’s registration and parentage. A final bonus is that any of the Brahman cattle for sale that have an M Check verification stamp will qualify for all of Moreno standard Brahman junior programs such as the scholarship program, the breed-back program and the sell-back program.

Superior Genetics in Brahman Cattle

If you or someone you know is looking for Brahman cattle for sale with superior genetics, do not hesitate to make the trip to our Texas or Florida ranches to see for yourself. Or if you are looking for Brahman cattle for sale for your children to exhibit in the show circuit, we have top quality show cattle that also make great companions. Be sure to visit our sale catalogs to make sure you are aware of our sales events at