Brahman cattle are known as one of the superior breeds in the cattle industry thanks to the many attributes and qualities they have shown through history. Their great ability of adaptation and many other advantages allow Brahman cattle to be so successful in tropical and sub-tropical climates. Brahman cattle were originally brought from India and are intermediate to large in size among beef breeds found in the United States. Bulls will generally weigh from 1600 to 2200 pounds and cows from 1000 to 1400 pounds in average condition.

Brahman cattle are intelligent, inquisitive and shy. They are unusually thrifty, hardy and adaptable to a wide range of feed and climates. Studies at the University of Missouri found that Brahman cattle and European cattle thrive equally well at temperatures down to 8° F. They found that European cattle begin to suffer adversely as the air temperature goes above 70° F, showing an increase in body temperature and a decline in appetite and milk production as 75° F is passed. Brahman cattle, on the other hand, show little effect from temperatures up to and beyond 105° F. Their long loose skin helps them shed heat faster than other breeds, and Brahman cattle also have sweat glands and the ability to sweat freely through the pores of the skin, which contributes materially to their heat tolerance. Although heat tolerance is only one factor in environmental adaptation of cattle, it is considered the most important. Insect resistance also allows Brahmans to adapt to adverse conditions while withstanding vast climactic differences.Red Brahman Cattle for Sale in Florida

Brahman females are maternal machines, having superior milk production, higher fertility rates, and weaning faster-growing calves with fewer inputs. Plus, Brahman females will have a longer productive life, raising more calves over her lifetime than other breeds. Brahman cattle produce more weight per day of age than most other breed contemporaries too. Probably the greatest tribute to the Brahman breed and its breeders is the rapid growth of the breed outside of the United States. They have constituted a large proportion of our exports of breeding cattle outside continental North America. Moreno Ranches offers the best Brahman cattle for sale in U.S. and for exportation to any worldwide country.