Editor’s Note: As part of our outreach program, we have asked our “Brahman Junior” interns to post a personal experience blog. We asked them about their experience working with Brahman Show Cattle and how to raise a Champion. Our interns share how the importance of genetics combined with training can create a winning Brahman. This is a response.

Brahman Bulls

The Brahman bulls at Moreno Ranches are champions from the moment they are born. The reason is that the mating is thought about before the heifer is even inseminated. The M check team spends a lot of time choosing the right sire to get the perfect result. This time working with genetics is an essential component to birthing champion Brahman bulls. Bulls born with sound musculature and beautiful bone structure are an essential start to raising a winning Brahman bull. But that’s not enough. The disposition of the animal is also important because our champion Brahman bulls have to be great “showmen” in the ring at livestock events.

It Takes Beauty plus Personality to Raise a Champion Brahman Bull

Even though Moreno Ranches breeds magnificent looking Brahmans, these animals need to have the right attitude to be winners at livestock shows. The daily routine for champion Brahman bulls means working with those that have the best disposition and training them. For example, the bulls have to be synchronized when walking around the ring at livestock tournaments. Luckily, Brahmans have great, easy-going personalities so training for showmanship just takes doing the work. All this effort pays off when cattlemen from all around the world come to see our Brahmans at the livestock events. They ask to learn more about our champion Brahman bulls and are interested in adding that winning bull semen to their own cattle herds. All of us at Moreno Ranches are proud that our red and grey Brahman bulls get a lot of attention at the livestock shows. Because our Champion Brahman Bulls are high-performance winners on stage and at the ranch!