William Meza was born in Chiquimula, Guatemala on May 23rd, 1997. He is the son of a farmer, William Meza, and a business administrator, Nineth Roldan. He grew up with Marcela, his older sister, in a town called Morales.  He studied at Del Monte School, where he joined the soccer team. He also practiced bull riding, which happens to be his favorite sport. During his free time, he likes to go to the gym and enjoys any sports-related activities.

William Meza - Intern in the Brahman Cattle industryAt an early age, he began to work with his father on the farm and learned many things that contributed to his decision to study agronomy.   He is grateful to his parents who worked hard to give him an education and the opportunity to study agronomic engineering at the Pan-American Agricultural School Zamorano in Honduras. Attending University meant living away from home, but he was able to take advantage of greater fieldwork opportunities like plants and livestock in a more scientific way.

He always wanted to work in this area to develop in his professional life and, for this same reason, it was not difficult to decide upon Moreno Ranches for his internship.  At Moreno Ranches, his internship will enhance his current knowledge and provide experience in the management of Brahman cattle and genetics. His goal is to learn the best cattle handling and production management in the seed stock industry to take back to his country.