Juan Guillermo Sandoval Portillo is currently 20 years old and from Guatemala. When he was a boy, his grandfather had a farm that he later passed on to his father. Guillermo had always helped his father, doing whatever he could. Due to the constant back and forth to and from the farm and the city of Guatemala, he was home schooled. It was at this farm that he learned how to work with cattle and how to treat animals growing up around Nelore, Simbra, and Red Brahman. While at the city, he took piano and guitar classes. In addition, he practiced squash at a sports club where he won several tournaments and he played softball and managed to get into a 3rd division team.

Juan Guillermo - Intern in the Brahman Cattle industryGuillermo is a quick learner, a hard worker and a man of few words. He learned to value farm work; this is why, when he realized his farm’s cattle management was not up to standard he took it upon himself to get it up and running again. In 2015, he entered Zamorano University where, for the first time in his life, he attended classes with other people. However, being outside his comfort zone did not matter as long as he could help his farm grow for the better.

He has always been very capable since a young age, even learning how to handle and operate farm machinery at the age of nine. This drive and passion are the reasons he earned a spot in the Moreno Ranches internship program. When asked about the opportunity to be a part of Moreno Ranches, he mentions how he was thrilled and could not wait to arrive and give it his all.