On the one hand, using online tools to find Brahman cattle sales is so easy that it feels like cheating. Type a few keywords into some search engine’s entry box (not naming names, but it starts with ‘G’ and rhymes with ‘bugle’), click, click, click, and soon you’re on your way to find nearly anything.  At the same time, it might be good to take a step back and consider if there are alternative strategies that might be worth trying in addition. Especially in the Brahman cattle industry, we should be aware of the importance of a thorough search to find the best Brahman Cattle sales.

Brahman Cattle Shows: A Roundup of How To Find Them

Brahman CattleEveryone tends to start with Google; whether that’s the smartest thing to do is debatable. But neither is it the worst.  A keyword search for ‘Brahman cattle sales’ predictably brings up hundreds of thousands of matches, all in jumble.  That is the problem with Google.  You might find events from 2014, 2013, and so on. Be sure to check the year, not just the month and day! Pretty embarrassing to start planning a trip to 2009…

The problem with Google is it tends to be backward looking, heavy on recording things that have already happened.  This isn’t so useful if your aim is to attend an actual live sales event.  So another strategy is to visit the Web site of an industry trade magazine, such as (but not limited to) http://www.brahman.org, http://www.brahmanjournal.com/, and http://brahmanevent.com/.  These sites will typically have a curated list of Brahman cattle sales, conveniently in a neat, chronological list.  This is more useful for planning!

If you know which sales you want to attend, but need reminding of the dates, then visit the sites of the individual operations you’re interested in, and find their contact information. If you request it, you can be put a mailing list to be notified of upcoming Brahman cattle sales.

If you are interested in Moreno Ranch’s own Brahman cattle sales, you can find out more about upcoming events by visiting: https://morenoranches.wpengine.com/

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