As a technology leader in the area of Brahman cattle ranching, you can count on Moreno Ranches to bring you the latest in animal husbandry technology advances. For example, see our upcoming M Check verification program that utilizes DNA testing to determine the exact parentage of a calf, so the buyer gets an unimpeachable family tree with his or her purchase at a Brahman cattle sale.

Brahman CattleIn another instance of this forward-thinking attitude, we are going to deploy new technology at our next Brahman cattle sale this fall. At our Brahman Catalyst 3 sales event in September we are going to use the Internet to view and bid on cattle. This has proven to be very popular, as it allows participation in the Brahman auction by anyone, from anywhere on the globe.

Brahman Cattle Sales: Going Once, Going Twice…

While we all love to experience the sights and sounds of a cattle auction, we recognize that sometimes it is not practical or convenient to travel to every Brahman cattle sale. You have your own operation to run. Maybe there is a conflict with another professional event. All four tires on your truck might be flat. Could be a plague of locusts. Stuff happens!

But we here at Moreno Ranches don’t want you to miss out, whatever the circumstances. In order to expand our reach, we are experimenting with streaming the cattle auction live on the network. Additionally, we will enable bidding for the cattle from remote locations as well. With the sale catalog in hand (available upon request), you should have all the information you need to choose the animals on which you wish to bid.

What, me worry?

If you choose to tune in to our Catalyst Brahman cattle sale on September 5th from the comfort of your home office, please bear with us if there are any technical difficulties. We will do our level best to bring you a virtual Brahman cattle sale in real time.

If you are interested in our Catalyst Brahman cattle sale, you can find out more details about the upcoming event by requesting a catalog, here.

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