Let us start with the clarification that we want to discuss Brahman branding as in “marketing” and not “irons in the fire” kind of branding that involves cowboys and the smell of seared cattle hide. We do think it is an fascinating topic, and you may be interested to know that there is evidence of cattle-branding going back over 5000 years, but… You have wandered into the wrong blog! Please Google again for what you’re after.

Brahman Cattle For Sale

Brahman Cattle For Sale

That out of the way, the subject of branding/marketing of Brahman cattle needs to be seriously addressed. If you live entirely in the bubble of Brahman ranching and Brahman show events, and read only Brahman-related blogs, you might be sanguine about the future of Brahman cattle. We certainly are, as we are excited not only by Moreno Ranches’ prospects due to our superior Brahman cattle genetics, but by the industry as a whole. Brahman branding in any sense of the word is really exciting at this time in history!

Brahman Branding to Ensure a Prosperous Future

We live in a Darwinian world, where the competition is continually evolving. Sure, we may think our Brahman cattle are awesome, and current levels of interest may be high, but the promoters of other breeds are not standing still. Efforts toward more effective Brahman branding strategies can ensure a long and prosperous future for today’s young (and future) Brahman ranchers. These may well be your sons and daughters, so there’s pretty strong motivation to get this right.

Remember, the time to lay away stores is during the fat years; when the lean years come, it is too late! Exactly how to go about this? Like most everybody these days, we wear many hats. While it is necessary that we do things like social media along with Brahman breeding, that doesn’t make us an expert in the former. We are fortunate in working with a breed that has a suite and strong and undeniable strengths. Perhaps the “digital natives” among us will heed this call, and put their skills towards this end.

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