There’s no avoiding social media these days, and the language of ‘tweets’, ‘hashtags’ and ‘trending’ has spread from San Francisco even all the way here to Florida. One constantly hears of something trending, and then after a few days that topic is done, and it has been replaced by Red Brahman Cattle For Saleanother trend. That’s all well and good, but to build a solid business you have to have understand trends that have a lifespan longer than that of a mayfly. In particular cattle industry trends related to Red Brahman cattle for sale are of interest to us here at Moreno Ranches. Here are the top long-term trends we see:

Polled Brahman Cattle Are Popular

Polled Red Brahman cattle for sale are becoming ever more popular. Any why not? Without the horns management issues of an already docile and even-tempered breed are lowered further still. So why not? And since the polled variety is available without sacrificing any of the desirable traits of the breed (namely heat tolerance, and disease and insect resistance), why not indeed.

Red Brahman Trending

Oops, there’s that word again. But it is an undeniable thing that we are seeing demand for the Red Brahman explode. Is it because they are easy on the eyes? That they always appear to be in the bloom of youth? Casting about a bit blindly here, as the success of Red Brahman cattle for sale has exceeded our expectations (a good problem to have). We are certainly very proud of these animals, and out of our entire herd, these are the ones we have the most trouble keeping in stock.

Red Brahman Cattle For Sale: Here, There, Everywhere!

Here (Florida), there (Texas) and everywhere (Mexico). Those are just some of the places where Moreno Ranches has Red Brahman cattle for sale. The world is smaller and flatter (take that Columbus!) than it used to be. As proof of this consider that just over a week ago we in Mexico checking out the local “Cebu” (as they name the Brahman breed down there) and showing off our particular improvements to the breed borne of our commitment to superior genetics obtained through a careful breeding program.

In the end, quality cattle and customer satisfactions are two trends that never go out of style here at Moreno Ranches. If you are interested in purchasing our Red Brahman cattle for sale, you can find out more about our operations by visiting:

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