Editor’s Note: We’ve asked our current interns to give their perspective about the process of raising Brahman bulls and what they are learning about breeding for the best genetics in a herd.

While interning at Moreno Ranches, here in Venus, Florida, I’ve learned that to improve a herd’s genetics, Brahman bulls are an essential element. Moreno Ranches emphasizes the improvement of both cows and bulls because they know this can make the difference. Brahman BullsThere’s an increasing demand for Brahman bulls in Latin American countries and America’s southern states. Cattlemen want to make sure they are getting what they paid for: healthy cattle that can breed the purest Brahman genetics into the herd. This trend shows the importance of producing the highest quality Brahman bulls in order to satisfy a growing market.

The M Check Team brings The Best DNA to Red & Grey Brahman Bulls

What does Moreno Ranches do to satisfy this desire for purebred Brahman males? Every day I’ve seen the M check team embrace new technologies and techniques that improve the genetics for red and gray Brahman bulls. At the ranch, we understand the M check brand gives a “plus” to all those cattlemen who make their purchase. They want to improve their herd and expect to breed for top Brahman traits like health, drought-tolerance, disposition, and hybrid vigor. I’ve seen that when cattlemen get what they paid for, they tell other cattlemen. It’s clear to me that the M check brand gives a sense of security to our customers. They know that they have purchased the best Brahman Bull DNA possible!