Editor’s Note. We’re proud of our interns here at Moreno Ranches; accordingly, we’ll be featuring a few blog posts written by our interns, young enthusiasts for the Brahman breed!

Moreno Ranches is a leading producer of Brahman bulls in the State of Florida and throughout the United States. Our Brahman bulls have been the result of dedicated effort by six generations of Moreno ranchers. Brahman BullsThe characteristics of Brahman bulls are mainly their rusticity, endurance and ability to find food. In feedlots, Brahman bulls gain good weight with high forage diets, particularly in regions where grain feed is scarce.

Brahman bulls are extremely resistant to heat and high humidity. They do well in good pastures, but also perform well in poor fields or under conditions of prolonged drought. Another very important characteristic of Brahman bulls is that they are not so affected by ticks, flies and other insects; and they are resistant to tick borne diseases such as anaplasmosis and tick fever. At Moreno Ranches you will find the best Brahman bulls for your livestock. It is important to emphasize that our Brahman bulls have fast growth, early termination, ideal conformation, sexual precocity, abundant muscles, regular parturition and, above all, meekness.

The Brahman bulls of Moreno Ranches go through a process of taming, where ranch personnel spend a lot of time working with the animals so that they become more manageable and easy to handle. Moreno Ranches shows its Brahman bulls in the most important shows in the country, such as Houston and Fort Worth, Texas. Moreno Ranches’ Brahman bull champions have been recognized in different categories for their excellent characteristics. The management that is given to the Brahman bulls since birth is very strict, with qualified personnel to perform all the practices. Our Brahman bulls are fully registered with the American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) and have been DNA typed. At Moreno Ranches, you will find superior Brahman bulls in gray and red.