Editor’s Note. We’re proud of our interns here at Moreno Ranches; accordingly, we’ll be featuring a few blog posts written by our interns, young enthusiasts for the Brahman breed!

Brahman cattle are undoubtedly the breed that can tolerate high temperatures, which is why it is the ideal breed for hot and humid regions of the world. The reproductive efficiency of Brahman cattle is what every herder wants, as it can be done in a short time and with good weight.

It should be emphasized that Brahman cattle have a long productive life, easily up to 50% longer than cows of European breeds, being more fertile. Moreno Ranches offers you the best Brahman cattle,Red Brahman Cattle Sale obtaining its excellent genetics from great bull and cow champions. The maternal ability of Brahman cattle is very high. Brahman cows are famous for protecting their young from danger. In addition, Brahman cows have a low incidence of dystocic deliveries.

Our Moreno Ranches family is very proud to be part of the development and commercialization of Brahman cattle. Moreno Ranches assures you of the quality of Brahman cattle through its “M check” program that verifies and certifies the Brahman cattle parentage through DNA testing. Both gray and red Brahman cattle are available. Brahman cattle have a remarkable capacity for adaptation and survival. One of the most important characteristics of Brahman cattle is its resistance to diseases. Moreno Ranches has a solid record of bull and cow champions in various categories at different shows in the country. That is why our Brahman cattle are recognized as superior worldwide. Brahman cattle at Moreno Ranches are managed by highly trained, professional staff willing to work with the cattle 24 hours a day. The Brahman cattle breed is a very fast weight gain daily if you want to recover your investment fast.