Miami, Florida – March 31, 2017. Moreno Ranches, a leading producer of Brahman cattle (both red and gray) in Florida and throughout the United States, Latin America, and internationally, is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming Miami International Agriculture and Cattle Show (MIACS) which will celebrate its 10th Anniversary this year. Brahman Cattle for Sale in FloridaThis year’s event is scheduled for April 14, 15, and 16 at the Ronald Reagan Equestrian Center at Tropical Park in Miami.

MIACS: A Cattle Showcase

MIACS will showcase four beef cattle breeds, including red and gray Brahman. Cattle supplied from Florida and regional operations, agriculture and consumer-related exhibits, and various vendors featuring breeding and genetics technology, as well as educational and discussion sessions, will make this an excellent business opportunity for domestic producers in international markets. The well-known rodeo and a variety of family entertainment will make MIACS a destination place for business travelers and visitors alike. Visit for more information about MIACS.

Magic City Sale

Moreno Ranches will also hold the Magic City Sale at the Tropical Park Ronald Reagan Equestrian Center on April 14. This sale, now in its 7th year, has become an integral part of MIACS, and will feature superior Brahman cattle, Brahman semen, and Brahman genetic products from the most reputable and progressive Brahman cattle programs in the United States. Go to to download a catalog.

About Moreno Ranches

Moreno Ranches is a top producer of Brahman cattle for sale. Customers come to the company for genetically superior Brahman bulls for sale and Brahman semen (seed stock) as well as Brahman embryos. The company produces both Brahman heifers and calves for sale, including for use as show cattle or to produce Brahman F1 hybrids. Visit the company’s website to browse stock. The company is a trusted source of Brahman cattle whether a buyer is in Florida, Texas, or Louisiana – Latin America, or anywhere in the world.

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