Editor’s Note:

We at Moreno Ranches believe in the future. Part of that future is superior genetics and the constant improvement of the Brahman cattle breed through sophisticated animal husbandry technology. Technology is part of that future, a passion for the Brahman breed is part of that future, and so are our youth. As such, we’d like to introduce one of our new interns, Alejandro Bonilla:

Alejandro Bonilla, 2019 International Intern

Juvenal “Alejandro” Bonilla was born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, which is located in the eastern part of the country. His love for agronomy began with his father, who studied agronomy as well. His father encouraged him to participate in different activities in the field, such as technical tours, fairs, and field days.

His love for beef cattle began at a young age, largely because the department in which he lives is one of the largest producers of beef in the country. It was for this reason that he decided to study agronomy at Zamorano University. Alejandro is a student who has also excelled in sports, and enjoyed practicing soccer and swimming. He decided to learn boxing, and after two years, he became a national champion in boxing.

Alejandro wants to prepare for a career that will help him grow professionally while acquiring skills in new technologies, and at the same time he wants to be able to help his family.

He chose an internship at Moreno Ranches because it offered opportunities to learn a wide variety of new techniques and opportunities to learn the implementation of new technologies. He believes that the Moreno Ranches’ internship will expand his knowledge of Brahman cattle reproduction, cattle handling techniques, and selection of seed stock Brahman cattle—and give him further opportunity to apply what he has learned in college. He said he is ready to take on the challenge.


Personal Mission Statement 

Try to learn as much as possible during the Internship and focus on the different protocols in animal reproduction, calves taming, embryo transfer processes, and the diverse techniques to detect cattle pregnancy.



  • Identify which of the two Moreno Ranches (Florida or Texas) got a better gain weight and the reasons that might explain this difference
  • Learn to identify the calf parameters needed to participate in cattle shows
  • Help at least in three dystocic births during the internship