Editor’s Note: As part of the Brahman Juniors blog series, we’ve asked our wonderful interns about what they are learning here at Moreno Ranches. This time, we posed the question, “Why do you believe it is better to purchase a registered Brahman heifer as opposed to a non-registered one?” Below is a response from one of our interns.

Brahman Heifers

The Brahman breed has grown more popular not only in the United States, but also in other countries such as Latin America and Australia. Brahmans are used as show cattle and for many commercial reasons too. Because it’s a strong, healthy and hearty animal, the Brahman breed has had a positive influence on other cattle lines. That’s why many ranchers are developing their cattle herds by purchasing registered Brahman Heifers.

What it Means to Purchase Registered Brahman Heifers Cattle for Sale

There is a good reason why smart ranchers only buy registered Brahman heifers instead of non-registered. They know that they get what they pay for. When the Brahman is registered, cattlemen trust they are buying all the features that these heifers are known for: strength, attitude, longevity and easy pregnancies. These important traits are guaranteed because Moreno Ranches has the papers to prove it. As a “Brahman Junior,” I’ve been amazed at the amount of time and effort the M check team spends verifying the best DNA strains. Brahman cattle are tested and bred through the on-site genetics center at Moreno Ranches. Access to the latest DNA testing and technology prove to quality conscious cattlemen around the world that they are buying the best registered Brahman heifers cattle for sale.