Since its early beginnings, Moreno Ranches has welcomed the challenge of producing the best quality Brahman genetics ever seen–both gray Brahman and red Brahman cattle. We have purebred Brahman herds, useful in the breeding of Brahman F1 hybrids.

We have have worked extremely hard in the development and improvement of the best Brahman lineages in the Americas, selling both in the United States and Latin America. Our strategy is to emphasize the three main pillars of the Brahman breed:

  • High fertility rates on our females herd which also includes an excellent calving ease
  • Gray Brahman CattleExcellent musculature and bone structure
  • The animal’s disposition,i.e. docile behavior in our females breeders.

Our Customers Rely on Us for Superior Brahman Genetics

We’re lucky because our passion for the Brahman breed brings with it the most valuable asset of all: satisfied customers in both the USA and throughout the Americas. Fertility, docility, beef and milk production,along with excellent customer support and prestigious awards at Brahman cattle events–these combine to make our customers happy.

As a visionary company, we at Moreno Ranches never sit still. We are focused, not on just doing things the right way, but on doing those things that move us forward to improve the Brahman cattle breed.

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