At Moreno Ranches you will find the best red and gray Brahman for sale. For its class, the hump is very important. Brahman Bulls for SaleIn the males, the hump should be well defined and large, and located directly above the shoulders. In the females, it will be of moderate size and of a more oval shape. Brahman cows have a stronger maternal instinct than other breeds. They are famous for protecting their offspring from danger and are well adapted to extensive grazing regions under poor management conditions. American Brahman cattle have a long productive life, easily up to 50% longer than cows of European breeds and are more fertile. The good reproductive behavior of a cow is the best indicator of its adaptation to the environment.

Brahman Cattle Love Hot Weather

The American Brahman has great characteristics that make it able to tolerate the tropical climate and drought conditions. It is precisely these characteristics that have led Moreno Ranches to win championships in state and national Brahman cattle shows.

Moreno Ranches is passionate about excellence and has some of the finest Brahman cattle available for sale. Moreno Ranches utilizes leading-edge DNA technology and provides the Moreno Ranches’ M-Check verification stamp which 100% guarantees a cattle’s bloodline. Moreno Ranches takes pride in being at the forefront of technology, while also adding value for the customer.

Whether you are looking to improve your herd or show ring, Moreno Ranches offers some of the finest cattle, as well as Brahman embryos and seed stock, for sale.