There is a catchy phrase that architects use: form follows function. Lovely alliteration there (try saying it five times fast though). The idea is pretty simple, the shape and layout of something that gets built has to match the purpose for which it was constructed. The closer the two are aligned, the better the result. But Brahman show cattle are not buildings, so why bring this up?

Brahman Cattle

There’s more of a connection than there might seem at first. The selective breeding program that Brahman show cattle here a Moreno Ranches go through serves a similar purpose to designing a functional building. We optimize for individual functions, such as fast weight gain of calves, high milk production, docile temperament, and good heat tolerance. This effort ensures that the Brahman cattle we sell offer a good value to our customers. But time and again we find that what we end up with is Brahman show cattle that not only “get the job done” from an economic perspective, but also “look the part,” of being physically imposing specimens.

Brahman Show Cattle: Gallery Quality

The upshot of all this is, in our humble opinion, our Brahman show cattle sure end up beautiful. Sure, a trained cattleman can say why the Brahman show cattle are good quality animals, by analyzing their attributes. But even a layman can look at one and say “wow.” That’s why the Brahman cattle shows are a bit more than a commercial auction, but almost like an art show. Everybody wants to have a “selfie” with the animals. People really love these Brahman show cattle, and not just for practical reasons!

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