The verdict is in from the number-crunchers at NASA and NOAA: 2015 hottest year on record worldwide, and the 2nd hottest ever in the USA. And not just by a little, by a pretty big margin over 2014, which was the previous hottest year ever. When a professor starts tossing around words like ‘smashed’ you know this is not business as normal. And while this news has to make one concerned about what it means for the future (that’s the place where our kids and grand-kids are going to live), as a vendor of Brahman cattle for sale we here at Moreno Ranches are not worried at all, as Brahmans are great for heat. The breed is derived from stock originally from India. These ancestral cattle have been selected for untold generations to be heat-tolerant (among their many other fine attributes, such as insect and disease resistance).

Brahman Cattle For Sale: A Breed that Can Beat the Heat

Brahman Bulls for SaleSo it’s a little warmer. The difference is kind of small, can it really be that big a deal for ranchers and their stock? Since Moreno Ranches has Brahman cattle for sale and we want our customers to be completely confident in the robustness of our stock, we figure we owe an explanation. Brahman cattle are excellent for a world that’s getting hotter.

A warmer world affects cattle in two main ways. First, there are more really hot days. These can pretty clearly stress an animal (speaking of those aside from Brahmans, naturally). Since the Brahman breed originated in hotter climates, this plays to their strengths. As the United States gets hotter, then that expanse of territory natural for Brahman cattle will expand, and the breed will grow as one of the major cattle breeds in the United States. A hotter world, in short, requires animals that can tolerate the heat better. Second, the less visible effect stems from the “higher lows.” This is where it is always a little warmer, and never cools down quite as much, never giving animals a chance to recover. Our Brahmans do better in both cases, with adaptations such as their long ears and loose skin helping them shed heat faster than other breeds. So we feel completely confident recommending Brahman cattle for sale, no matter what the future holds.