(RIESEL, TX – August 23, 2023) – Moreno Ranches is elated to announce the overwhelming success of its Mcheck Sensational Online Sale II held on August 22, 2023.

13 superior heifers averaged $7,950 each and will soon grace ranches across the United States in Texas, Florida, Mississippi, Indiana, and Louisiana.

At the forefront of the sale was MORENO MS. LADY RIDA 972/3, a maternal powerhouse, crowned as the high-selling female. We are ecstatic to share that Southern Comfort Ranch of Florida will be the new co-owners of this remarkable female. With half embryo interest and full possession secured for $30,000, this exquisite red female is poised to be a top donor for their Brahman herd. Our heartfelt appreciation is extended to Scott Weber and Michelle O’Brien, the owners of Southern Comfort Ranch in Arcadia, Florida.

Moreno Ranches and Southern Comfort Ranch have been united in vision and purpose over the past four years. Both ranches, with their mutual dedication to elevating the American red Brahman breed, have been instrumental in cultivating a premier herd for Southern Comfort Ranch in Florida.

Adding to the evening’s highlights, the first set of heifers sired by MORENO MR. RIQUI 47/1 commendably averaged $13,250 in the sale. Moreno Mr. Riqui 47/1, with his esteemed title as the 2021 National Brahman Show Reserve Junior Champion, encapsulates the breeding prowess for which Moreno Ranches is renowned. His coveted lineage, featuring iconic sires like 380/6, Elmo, and Passport, together with his outstanding attributes, has garnered attention and admiration from Brahman enthusiasts across the globe.

The Moreno Mr. Riqui 47/1 heifers out of Dam MORENO MS. LADY REBA REDO 358/1 further exemplify the ranch’s commitment to genetic excellence. With her illustrious show career and revered ancestry, Moreno Ms. Lady Reba Redo 358/1 represents the pinnacle of Brahman breeding.

As we reflect on this monumental sale, Moreno Ranches remains grateful for the unwavering support of its community and its steadfast commitment to advancing the Brahman breed.

For further insights and information on the sale, visit www.morenoranches.com.


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