(RIESEL, TX – August 18, 2023) – Moreno Ranches, a seedstock Brahman cattle leader, is proud to spotlight the exceptional qualities of Moreno Mr. Riqui 47/1.

At Moreno Ranches, our mission has always been to produce cattle that are functional, fertile, and top-notch. Moreno Mr. Riqui 47/1, having clinched the title of 2021 National Brahman Show Reserve Junior Champion, encapsulates this commitment. His outstanding semen quality and prolificacy are enhanced by a pronounced scrotal circumference, a robust top line, and an expansive physique. These attributes trace back to his legacy from the iconic sires 380/6, Elmo, and Passport.

Sire: +MR. V8 380/6

Riqui’s sire, the iconic +Mr. V8 380/6, often referred to as a “breed changer”, is renowned for laying the foundation for the modern breed of V8 cattle, making ripples both in the USA and internationally. “The Machine”, as he is fittingly nicknamed, is heavy-muscled, aesthetically striking, balanced in phenotype, and showcases profound breed character. His athleticism and structural perfection have won him titles like the four-time International Champion Get of Sire and three-time National Champion Get of Sire. A testament to his greatness, 12 of his offspring have been crowned International or National Grand Champions.

Dam: +Moreno Ms. Lady Rumbera 710

Elevating this lineage, Riqui 47/1 is a son of the 2017 ABBA Show Cow of the Year, +Moreno Ms. Lady Rumbera 710. Beyond her esteemed show accolades, Rumbera stands out as one of Moreno Ranches’ most influential donors. Celebrated for her superior show ring achievements, she garnered numerous awards, culminating in the prestigious 2017 ABBA Show Cow of the Year title. Post her show stint, she’s gifted the ranch with over 70 registered offspring, with a sizable portion clinching show awards and fetching top dollar at sales. Her excellence is anchored in her royal lineage; sired by the National Champion +JDH Mr. Elmo Manso and birthed by +HK Ms. Passport 557, a daughter of the legendary +HK Passport 777. Validating these potent genetics, Rumbera’s full brother was crowned the International Grand Champion Red Bull in 2017. While Moreno Ranches has been home to many outstanding cows, +Moreno Ms. Lady Rumbera 710 undeniably ranks among the elite.

Moreno Mr. Riqui 47/1

We are offering four beautiful red heifers out of Moreno Mr. Riqui 47/1 in our upcoming Mcheck Sensational II Online Sale on August 22. They are all crossed with Moreno Ms. Lady Reba Redo 358/1, out of the 2013 National Champion +Moreno Ms. Lady Reba 112. We invite you to take a look at the sale offering including these standout 47/1 daughters.

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MORENO MS. LADY RIKA 40/4 – LOT 4 Mcheck Sensational II Online Sale; Sired by Moreno Mr. Riqui 47/1


MORENO MS. LADY RIZA 974/3 – LOT 8 Mcheck Sensational II Online Sale; Sired by Moreno Mr. Riqui 47/1


MORENO MS. LADY RIDA 972/3 – LOT 9 Mcheck Sensational II Online Sale; Sired by Moreno Mr. Riqui 47/1


MORENO MS. LADY RIQA 976/3 – LOT 10 Mcheck Sensational II Online Sale; Sired by Moreno Mr. Riqui 47/1


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