(RIESEL, TX – August 15, 2023) – Moreno Ranches, a distinguished Brahman seedstock producer, is elated to announce the Mcheck Sensational II Online Sale on August 22, 2023. This event underlines the ranch’s role as a leader in the progression and refinement of Brahman seedstock, emphasizing the importance of elite genetics in shaping the future of the Brahman cattle industry.

Brahman enthusiasts and breeders are invited to a landmark event, offering an unparalleled showcase of halter broke and started on the halter heifers, alongside a few elite replacement heifers. Every animal stands as a testament to the exceptional Brahman genetics for which Moreno Ranches is internationally recognized.

“Our position as a leading Brahman seedstock producer is not just a title; it’s a responsibility. The Mcheck Sensational II Online Sale represents our continuous commitment to excellence and our passion for evolving the iconic Brahman breed,” said Kelvin Moreno, CEO of Moreno Ranches.

The ascendancy of Moreno Ranches in the Brahman seedstock landscape is anchored in a sophisticated breeding approach. By emphasizing the fusion of functional traits, the ranch produces females that are benchmarks for fertility, reproductive efficiency, adaptability, calving ease, and premium udders. It’s this union of phenotype and genotype that allows Moreno Ranches to set global standards in Brahman seedstock.

With unwavering clarity, Moreno Ranches is also dedicated to producing bulls that resonate with the pedigree of renowned cow families. Such a strategy ensures the culmination of their combined strengths in progeny, thus harnessing the hybrid vigor customarily seen in crossbreeding. The overarching ambition to instill this vigor within a purebred lineage elevates the bar for Brahman seedstock producers globally.

Embrace the future of Brahman breeding and seedstock excellence. Register now on the official Moreno Ranches website at www.morenoranches.com.


About Moreno Ranches

Moreno Ranches is a top producer of Brahman cattle for sale. Customers in Florida, Texas, or Louisiana, or even as far away as Georgia or Alabama, who are looking for either Red Brahman or Grey Brahman cattle for sale, are encouraged to contact Moreno Ranches. The company aims to be the top choice for anyone seeking champion Brahman bulls or cows, Brahman show cattle, or Brahman semen or embryos.

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