(RIESEL, TX – August 13, 2023) – In a groundbreaking move, Moreno Ranches, a leader in the Brahman cattle industry, has announced the sale of a semen interest of their prized Brahman, MORENO MR. RAMBO 157/1, to an esteemed cattle breeding entity in Argentina.

MORENO MR. RAMBO 157/1 has made significant waves in the Brahman show circuit throughout 2021 and 2022. Among his notable accolades are titles from the 2021 Heartland Classic Junior and Open Brahman Shows, and the 2022 Florida State Fair Open Show in Tampa.

This Brahman’s exceptional lineage, sired by the renowned +MR. FONTENOT 333 “Rufus” and with a dam, MORENO MS. LADY ROSELINE 928/1 (435 x violet), has caught the attention of breeders globally.

The decision to share semen interests with Argentina reflects Moreno Ranches’ commitment to enhancing the Brahman breed worldwide and fostering international relations within the cattle breeding community.

Kelvin Moreno, the head of Moreno Ranches, remarked on this landmark deal, “We are thrilled to collaborate with our Argentine counterparts. This move not only recognizes the excellence of MORENO MR. RAMBO 157/1 but also emphasizes our dedication to advancing the Brahman breed on a global scale.”

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