Moreno Ranches is excited about our upcoming major online sales event: our “12 Days of Christmas” online sale, which will run from Dec 13th to Dec 24th. The “12 days” are for previewing the Brahman heifers we will have for sale at our on-line auction on the 24th, Christmas Eve. Let’s have a little tongue-in-cheek, holiday cheer here:

Brahman Cattle Show - 12 Days of ChristmasUnder any Christmas tree you can expect to find toys for the kids. But why stick with the ordinary? Make this an extra special Christmas: How about a heifer under the tree (figuratively speaking)? Great you say, “Why, not”, then do a double-take. Maybe the kids got a dog one year, but a heifer is going a little too far.  Still, after you get over the initial surprise at the concept, in the home of a rancher, here’s why a Brahman heifer makes a great gift: If you want the little ones to take on the family business someday, it makes sense to prime the pump to get them involved in the hands-on business of raising their own animal for show. Sold on the concept? Since this Christmas Moreno Ranches has Brahman cattle for sale at just the right time, you are in luck! Get the catalog, review the stock, and participate in the online auction on the 24th.

Brahman Cattle For Sale: Details of the “12 Days of Christmas” Event

Please visit click over to “Get VIP Access” to enter your email to pre-register and gain insider access to the sale. This allows you to obtain the sales catalog which gives exclusive, full details about the Brahman cattle for sale (all heifers) offered in this sales event.

The innovative feature in this sales event is that it extends across a nearly two-week period. This is designed for the convenience of our customers, to accommodate their schedule as what we know is a busy time of year. This gives you ample time to contemplate the many virtues of the fine heifers featured in the catalog.

If you are a successful bidder, and purchase one (or more) of the heifers, please note that we will be offering free transportation of sale cattle to central locations in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and North Florida. Sorry, gift wrapping not available.