Moreno Ranches, a top producer of Red Brahman cattle throughout the United Sates, provides the finest dehorned Brahman cattle in Texas.

Dehorned Brahman Cattle in Texas You can now acquire these impressive animals that are not only gentle, but have been modified for better handling and preparation. According to Ranch owner, Kelvin Moreno, “Dehorned Brahman cattle provide many benefits that a horned animal does not.” He continued, “A small detail like dehorning calves makes a big difference when halter breaking an animal to show or preventing accidental injuries to other animals or people.” To learn more about the ranch, visit either the Texas Brahman Cattle Ranch page or the Florida Brahman Cattle Ranch page. There, interested persons can send a message to request a /education/ranch-tours/”Ranch visit.. The Ranch has two divisions for you to visit one being in Venus, Florida and the other in Frost, Texas.


Dehorning cattle – including Brahman Cattle – has become a necessary practice among ranchers because of the sole fact that it substantially decreases the risk of injuries to cattle or people. These animals have a higher monetary value as well and are much easier to transport from one facility to another. Cattle should be dehorned as early on as possible because they tend to have a quicker recovery as well as have a much less painful experience. This is so because for the first few months of age, calves have horn buds that are only floating and haven’t “rooted” yet. Having floating horn buds means that they have not obtained a blood supply and are not prone to cause blood loss, wounds and infections. Another term for dehorned Brahman cattle is polled Brahman cattle. In any case, Moreno Ranches works both angles with its cattle. First, by selecting breeding and superior genetics, the Ranch breeds Brahman cattle that are docile in temperament (though, of course, no animal is 100% docile and all relevant security and safety procedures should be followed). Second, by dehorning or “polling” its Brahman cattle. Those with an interest in either dehorned Brahman cattle in Texas and/or dehorned Brahman cattle in Florida should contact the Ranch for more information.