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At Moreno Ranches, we believe in the future. Part of that future is superior genetics and the constant improvement of the Brahman cattle breed through sophisticated animal husbandry technology. Technology is part of that future, a passion for the Brahman breed is part of that future, and so are our youth. As such, we’d like to introduce one of our new international interns, Raul Perdomo.

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Raul Perdomo (Honduras) – 2021 International Intern

La Unión, Honduras, a small town in the Lempira province was the place where Raul Perdomo was born and raised. Despite being from a rural area of the country, Raul had the privilege of studying for 13 years at a bilingual school named Abundant Life Christian School. In his time at school, Raul was characterized by his leadership, spirit, proactivity, and a good attitude in all of his activities.

Raul’s father was an extraordinary and admirable family man who put into practice hard and honest work all of his life. His mother was an exemplary woman in every area of her life and grew up in a family dedicated entirely to the countryside. The family farm was inherited to Raul’s mother and her 12 siblings, most of whom decided to sell it. Raul’s parents, wanting to keep the ranch they grew up on, bought pieces of the ranch from his uncles and aunts. Over the years and with God’s help, they managed to take back the entire property and continue the legacy of his grandparents. This was the main factor that brought Raul an interest, love, and passion for agronomy.

Raul realized that passion and love weren’t enough to learn how to raise livestock, which is why he decided to pursue his dream of going to college at Zamorano University. With a lot of effort from his parents and the support of scholarships, he started studying at Zamorano and soon realized the great opportunities that it offered in terms of internships. Since the moment Raul knew about Moreno Ranches, he had his heart set on it. He realized that in Lempira, there is a lot to improve in the cattle industry. Raul grew up learning and gaining experience in livestock management with producers from his town and wanted to learn about the best forms of production in the area. At Zamorano, he learned the basics of the Brahman breed and the advantages of producing pure genetic animals.

Raul’s dream was always the same as his parents, to make his farm a more productive one, and achieve the goal of producing purebred Brahman cattle at his family farm. Thanks to Zamorano and some students who had interned at Moreno Ranches in the past, he was able to realize that this was the ideal place to learn from the best in this field. Raul is excited to learn about all of the innovative ways to breed Brahman cattle and wants to bring that knowledge back to his own family farm.

Raul’s Goals:

  • Establish a close and trusting bond with the animals.
  • Learn how to handle a cow in case of complications during a calf’s birth.
  • Learn the entire procedure of raising calves until reaching the halter breaking stage. 
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