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At Moreno Ranches, we believe in the future. Part of that future is superior genetics and the constant improvement of the Brahman cattle breed through sophisticated animal husbandry technology. Technology is part of that future, a passion for the Brahman breed is part of that future, and so are our youth. As such, we’d like to introduce one of our new international interns, Luis Balcárcel.


Luis Balcárcel (Guatemala) – 2022 International Intern

On November 1, 2000, Luis Carlos Balcárcel Gálvez was born in Morales, Izabal, Guatemala. He is an only child. He is currently in his last trimester of agronomic engineering at the El Zamorano Pan- American Agricultural School. His parents have been selling and consulting veterinary products for 20 years as the main source of income for the family. Since childhood, Luis showed interest in plants and animals, and in his free time, he watched videos and learned how to make his own gardens with crops. He learned about the technique of bonsai among other things and became interested in the reproduction of plants learning propagation techniques in a self-taught way, such as grafts and layering. These plants that he reproduced were sold to his neighbors, and on his vacations he liked to go to his uncle’s farm where he was involved in ranching activities. 

Living in a region with a lot of agriculture and livestock, Luis became more interested and saw that there were many opportunities for improvement since producers are still very empirical and a lot of technology is lacking. He told his parents that he wanted to study at the Pan-American Agricultural School, and they told him that he had their full support and that he should take advantage of all the knowledge he could acquire there so that he could have a quality education and begin to shape his dream. 

Luis Carlos knows of all the effort that his parents have made so that he has a first-rate education, and he knows of all the trust that they have placed in him. This is why he has tried to improve himself academically and disciplinarily, in addition to demonstrating the values and professionalism that are pillars of his Alma Mater.

After talking with family and friends about the different breeds of cattle, especially the Brahman breed since this is widely used in his region, Luis Carlos began to investigate top producers in cattle with excellent genetics and found information on Moreno Ranches. From that moment, Luis had the desire to apply for the internship program offered by Moreno Ranches Inc. He has the desire to work and learn and improve his skills working with this prestigious company, since he knows that all of the information and knowledge he gains will be useful in his professional life. 

Since his internship at Moreno Ranches Inc. was approved, Luis Balcarcel is very happy and grateful for the next chapter that will shape him as the best version of himself. He has made the promise to himself that he will give all of his effort and push beyond his limits, taking advantage of each learning moment to know the entire production chain, so that he will develop efficiently and satisfactorily in the new experience that is approaching.

Luis’s Goals:

  • Promote Moreno Ranches in Central American countries so that the franchise can expand, giving people access to tools and knowledge
  • Acquire knowledge of production and genetic improvement in the cattle sector to later replicate in Guatemala, thus developing and improving cattle production in the country
  • Provide new ideas that can help the marketing strategy of Moreno Ranches through publicity on social networks, attracting more people and benefiting from the recognition of the company

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