Moreno Ranches is known for its award-winning Brahman cattle, a fact we have written about extensively. But if you needed any more proof that Moreno Ranches is among the very best Brahman breeders in the country, then here it is. Kelvin Moreno recently placed among the top ten in American Farm Bureau Federation’s “Excellence in Agriculture” competition at the organization’s annual national meeting in San Diego in January, a huge honor. Not only that, he was among the select group of just 32 state award winners who moved onto the national event.

Excellence in Agriculture Event Awards

Excellence in Agriculture - Kelvin MorenoThe Excellence in Agriculture event is one of three annual events that allows Florida Farm Bureau farmers and ranchers a chance to be recognized for their outstanding achievements in the field of agriculture. Kelvin Moreno won this state-level event in October, a great honor in itself. But there’s more than just that: He was among those chosen to move onto the national level competition. This event evaluates leadership experience, understanding of agricultural issues that face us today and general career achievements. Moreno had astounding knowledge and skill in all of these areas. Understandably this is very exciting for all of us here at Moreno Ranches.

Congrats Kelvin, But What Does This Mean To Me?

This means that Moreno Ranch is going to continue to be committed to being the best brahman breeder around.  No resting on laurels here at this ranch! We have always been about providing the best experience and products to our customers and thats not going to change. An experience like this confirms our belief we are on the right track with our focus on topics like selective cattle genetics, and intelligent incorporation of new technology into our operations. Most of all, we remain committed to providing our customers with both the best product and best overall experience we can. We always strive for excellence and with a person like Kelvin Moreno leading the way, it’s no surprise that we can achieve it.

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