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Darren D. Henry

Ph.D Candidate

Darren D. Henry - Brahman Cattle Expert

Darren D. Henry grew up on a small cow/calf operation in east Texas. He left his home town of Porter, TX in 2006 to attend Texas A&M University, where he completed the requirements of a BS in Animal Science and Agricultural Leadership and Development. After completing his undergraduate course work, Darren chose to pursue a MS from the University of Florida in Animal Sciences under the supervision of Dr. Nicolas DiLorenzo. His MS research was focused on altering rumen fermentation to mitigate methane production and subsequently increase the efficiency of beef cattle. Darren graduated with his MS in December of 2013 and he is currently working with Dr. Nicolas DiLorenzo on his PhD in Animal Sciences, again attempting to alter the rumen micro-biome and fermentation to increase the efficiency of beef cattle production.