When Joe Biden was asked how he liked being Vice President, he replied that it wasn’t too bad, “inside work, no heavy lifting.” Clearly, a guy with a sense of humor. But at the same time, you can tell cattle ranching is not in his blood. There may be easier jobs than ranching, but at the end of the day most forms of employment are not as satisfying. There is something special about ranching: getting close to nature, working “with” nature to produce food, just being outdoors where people really were meant to be.

However, in our modern air-conditioned, Internet-enabled world, this can be a hard sell. There are many opportunities today for “inside work.”

Agriculture and ranching are industries that need to recruit the young. If we are to continue to have Brahman cattle for sale in Florida, we need to recruit young people to consider a career in ranching. And we need to convey to them just how great “outside work” can be as a career in the long term.

Brahman Cattle for Sale Events

The simplest way to introduce youngsters to the business is to attend events where Brahman cattle are being shown, or where Brahman cattle for sale can be seen. These occur regularly around Florida, and elsewhere in the region. Once you get there interest piqued, the next big step is to participate in active raising of an animal. This is most easily done in conjunction with a supporting organization like The Florida Youth Brahman Boosters Association (FYBBA)which provides an opportunity for youth to gain experience in owning, showing and breeding Brahman cattle. These are the first steps towards a career of raising Brahman cattle for sale.

Three Cheers for Equality

Our ranch draws strength from its long history and traditions, but we try not be American Red Brahman Cattle for Salehidebound in our thinking. This is the 21st century and by now we all understand that men and women can both have an interest in and stake in ranching and the Florida cattle industry. One immediate consequence is that it effectively doubles the pool of smart and talented young folks who might be receptive to our message, and that can only be a good thing for the future of our industry.

The Brahman cattle that we ultimately buy or sell don’t make a distinction between one gender of rancher or another; why should we?

If you are interested in purchasing our Brahman cattle for sale.  We also try very hard to make our website “young-friendly,” including ranch tours and other events specifically targeted at young future Brahman cattle breeders.

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