( Marlin, Texas- July 20, 2020) Moreno Ranches, a leading producer of Brahman cattle in Texas and Florida, is proud to announce its participation in the 2020 All-American National Junior Show taking place in Texarkana, Arkansas from July 21 through July 25.

The event, taking place at the Four States Fairgrounds, will consist of two days of cattle exhibitions where youth have the opportunity to exhibit both Brahman bulls and females in their respective divisions. There will also be a bred and owned show, which is a competition that gives American Junior Brahman Association Members a chance to produce their own champions. In this show, members exhibit cattle they have bred and raised themselves.

Moreno Ranches has become a top supplier of cattle at the show, with Brahman Junior exhibitors showcasing genetically superior Brahman females.

“Moreno Ranches looks forward to attending the All American Junior Brahman Show each year to see the success of the junior exhibitors,” said Kelvin Moreno, head of Moreno Ranches. “This event is an incredible learning opportunity for the young people that are the future of the Brahman breed.”

While the All-American Brahman Junior Show is a cattle show, it is also a youth competition that allows kids to display various skills in photography, public speaking, herdsmanship, sales talk and more. Over $50,000 in awards and scholarships are also given at the All-American junior show.

Moreno said Moreno Ranches takes great pride in producing Brahman show cattle that are suitable for junior exhibitors.

“The ranch’s Brahman females have a great reputation and are gaining popularity for their incredible disposition, soundness and femininity,” he said. “It is no surprise that the Brahman females are winning titles in every cattle show that they appear in.”

For those who are interested in learning more about Moreno Ranches and would like to support the Brahman Juniors, visit https://morenoranches.wpengine.com/education/juniors/ to learn about the ranch’s scholarship program, breed back program and sell back program.



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