Frost, Texas – June 5, 2018. Moreno Ranches, the leading producer of Brahman cattle for sale in Texas, is proud to announce new simultaneous online and Ranch opportunities to purchase Brahman bulls. With a new Ranch location in Texas and a dominant position in the online marketplace for Brahman bulls for sale, Moreno Ranches is announcing new efforts to extend its leadership in the Brahman bull space. With superior genetics, Brahman bulls and related genetic products such as Brahman semen are in high demand. The Brahman breed is known for its resistance to heat, its docile personality, and its ability to withstand hot temperatures. The male of the species is especially valued, and Moreno Ranches is very proud of its leadership.

“Cattlemen and cattlewomen who are looking for the best Brahman bulls often begin online,” explained Ranch owner, Kelvin Moreno. “We are excited to announce updates to our online and Texas buying opportunities for the males of the Brahman species.”

To see the newly updated information page, visit for information on gray Brahman bulls, visit for information on red Brahman bulls, and to contact the Ranch for a visit. Whether one is looking for a young herd sire prospect or a proven and predictable herd sire, Moreno Ranches has the Brahman bull for sale in Texas to fit the most discriminating needs.


Here is background on this announcement. Moreno Ranches understands the value of purebred Brahman genetics, especially as represented by Brahman bulls. The Ranch emphasizes performance, soundness, fertility and beef production in their Brahman herds. People often come to the Ranch searching for the best Brahman bulls for sale, for their own breeding purposes or to cross-breed and create superior F1 cattle with other largely European breeds. In fact, people looking for Brahman bulls for sale in Florida, Texas or Louisiana often find the Ranches’ superior genetic Brahman bulls in Florida or in Texas to be worth the trip. Indeed, the Ranch even has buyers looking for Brahman bulls for export or Brahman show bulls, visiting the Ranch locations in Florida and Texas, or using the Internet to view quality bulls online. As for genetic products, the Ranch is a top seller of Brahman semen at

Most of the Ranch’s Brahman bull sales are through semi-annual sales in April and September each year. However, the Ranch also conducts private treaty sales of Brahman bulls on a first come, first served basis. Brahman stock sells and changes frequently, so interested persons should not hesitate to contact the Ranch directly via telephone, or to visit the Florida and/or Texas ranch, or to discuss one’s Brahman cattle needs.


Moreno Ranches is a top producer of Brahman bulls in Texas. Customers come to the company for genetically superior Brahman bulls for sale and Brahman semen (seed stock) as well as Brahman embryos. The company produces both Brahman heifers and calves for sale, including for use as show cattle or to produce Brahman F1 hybrids. Visit the company’s website to browse stock. The company is a trusted source of Brahman cattle in Texas, Florida, or Louisiana – Latin America, or anywhere in the world.

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