As anyone can see, we at Moreno Ranches have a spiffy new website! We’ve moved the site to the WordPress platform, and in working with our development team have uploaded great photos of our Brahman cattle – with specific pages for sires, females, juniors, and champions. If you have a moment, we’d like to tour you on the new website. Let’s get started!

Brahman Cattle in Florida - Virtual TourFirst, start with our home page. This, of course, is a gateway to the entire site and serves as the “front door,” or the “entryway” to our virtual Brahman ranch on the Internet, just as you’d drive up to our Florida ranch in person. We get many visitors from all over the world, looking for top-quality Brahman cattle – many of whom, start their search on the Web. A common scenario, for example, is the businessman visiting Florida with his family, and going to Disneyworld or other central Florida attractions. He realizes that Florida is home to some of the best Brahman cattle in the world, and so he mixes some business with pleasure. Many of our Latin American visitors find out about us in this way, first, and then we establish a long-term business relationship, helping them grow and improve their cattle by providing them with bulls, heifers, semen and embryos – all to improve the herd quality. Our home page also shares our latest news, and some of our featured cattle.

Next, let’s visit the sires page. Here, you can browse donors and herd sires online. For example, you can browse Mr. Slugger.  We have a photo and a description there –

Mr. Slugger 12/7 is a bull that has an outstanding pedigree. His sire is the JDH Mr. Deeds Manso 53/4 that is an outstanding herd sire for the J.D. Hudgins ranch. On the bottom side of 12/7 pedigree is JDH Lady Nissan Manso 898/3. This cow is presently being used as a donor cow at the Ganadera Karla Mary Ranch. The genetics in 12/7 pedigree are powerful with names such as JDH Prescott, JDH Lady Ellis, JDH Liberty, and JDH Remington just to name a few.

Then, move on to our Brahman females page. Similarly to the sires page, you can browse our heifers and get great information on each one. For example, check out Miss B-F 201/9, one of the finest daughters of 314, was a private treaty purchase from Bennett Farms in Louisiana and Broadhead Farms in Mississippi.  You get the idea.  On each page, you can browse top quality Brahman bulls, heifers and other cattle for sale, using our website as a slick Internet-way to peruse availabilities. We’re particularly proud of our champions page. There you can see great photos of some of our champions, and really see how prolific Moreno Ranches is as one of Florida’s top Brahman breeders.

Circle back to our Juniors page. We’re very keen on supporting our youth in the cattle business, and nurturing a love of animals and the outdoor life.  We have a scholarship program for Juniors. We also have a breed back and a sell back program. With our storied history as Brahman cattle breeders, we have one eye to the past and one eye to the future: our young people, learning about the cattle industry one animal at a time. (If you’re interested in these programs, please contact us).

Visit Moreno Ranches, Florida's Top Brahman Cattle BreederFinally, how do you contact us for a real visit? First and foremost, visit our sales page.  There we organize information on our present and past sales of Brahman cattle. Our most recent sale was ‘Share the Herd Catalyst II,’ held on September 6, 2014.  You can download the catalog, and browse some of the available cattle. This gives you a good idea of how we organize our sales, and you can be informed of upcoming sales events. Visit the about us page, to learn about the history of the Moreno family and Moreno ranches, also available in Spanish.  Rounding it up, you can contact us via the Web or call us at 877-482-2382 to discuss your Brahman cattle needs.

Oh, and before we forget, we’re active on social media. Simply click on the icons at the top of any page to visit us on Facebook, Instagram, and other social sites. We hope you’ve enjoyed this virtual tour of our new website. Remember: the website is fantastic, but it’s nothing like a ranch tour or the personal service we can provide over the phone, or in person. For anyone interested in top quality Brahman cattle in Florida, not only our website but our ranch should be on your “must visit” list!